Perplexity of self

As deep as the trenches 

As high as skies

Brewing with intensity 

At best, better than the rest

I haven’t reached there yet…

Searching high and low

For what I need to know

A puzzled maze of shifting obscurity 

In the damp thickness of rotting truth

Crowds the air in unparalleled senses

Sensational cravings of what’s more

And how deep I can explore…


A New discovery

Sunken back into me

A new discovery 

Unkempt in its depths

Didn’t know all this involved me…

Scared away

But goes to pray

Hold my breath in a grasp

Remove the blindfolds on my eyes 

I see it differently now…Amen…

A hard fall to truth 

Truthfully hurting so deep

Brewing in my heart

Prepare a steam for my head 

Searching for all the lights in darkness

Uncover it all so I may know

All the seeds I need to sow

In order for me to grow…

Late night dreaming

A secret silhouette adrift at night

No restrains, pure freedom 

Coast along the life line of life 

Skim the surface deep 

Exploration unexplained 

Symphonic existence 

Pure ambience of tranquil peace 

Keep slowly and gracefully amongst it all

Basket of sunshine bundled in abundance 

Gently caress the sunshine moon skin

Pour it on me 

As I catapult back into the oasis of my thoughts…

Guilty Escape


Then let me fill the space with my lips

With one simple kiss

That turned into all of this…

One simple kiss, too complex?

One simple kiss, then what’s next? 

Turned in and out of context 

In a maze of amazement 

Lost in confusion in the thrill of this escape

I dance with the flowers on a sunny summer day

In my mind, you play and play 

In my ears, you voice seem never dull to fade into something of an undying abyss…


The presence of death is felt all through the air

It’s chilling breath of animosity lies in the density of ticking time

It does not miss it’s target 

A sharp shooter with the stained arrow of blood aiming for life

Skinning back the air in a hurry for time

Even if it’s not mine or yours or maybe I’m not even sure 

But I see it and I feel it 

Lurking in the shadow of that dark valley 

And even then I will fear no evil;

So this must be it…

I think I may have heard the hit

It’s target it didn’t miss 

A twisted beauty in fate

It was never too late

But right on time

I guess it was best that we kept our distance…

Shared interests

Lock me in your heart with one seductive stare

We all know it’s there even when lips don’t tell

Tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine

Only when it’s time when your all mine 

An eye a little too below and then it all starts to show 

The electric, magnetically insane attraction 

Flow in the undercurrents of silence only we know

We go only where we know 

And let it all spill out to each other 

Bottled up fantasy trapped between us that glows 


Quiet animosity of a helpless soul

Tender tears of quiet grace stroll down upon your face

A sunken ship in the blackened rough seas of heart 

The piercing blade of truth spewing forth all your vain 

Such a shame the way it came and how fast things changed

When it’s beat finally stop and air no longer reaches to the top 

And a permanent darkness overcome your eyes

And every tear is a drop of blood from the soul it had sold