Burn me to the ground and not a sound I shall speak 

For my soul is already too weak

Foreign entities in my body I cannot control

I guess it’s because I’ve grown so old

I will not shed a tear as I am burned to the ground 

Not even the tiniest of sounds

I’ve spent my life foolishly 

Drink, sex and drugs 

Now I’m so old and cannot hold my body up much longer 

Burn me to the ground and make not a sound 

Let the bones of my body warm your soul in this cold world

Watch me crackle and pop in silence 

Let my flames ignite your eyes 

And the nothingness of my existence fill your ear 

With nothing to hear

Remember me not

For I’m now as a melting pot

My blood bubble over the top of my skin 

This body that held a lifetime of sin

Make not a sound but just watch 

As I lay there in the ashes of my own self 

Acquitted lest none, not even by myself…


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