Deep dwellings of truth

Staring at the sea

With eyes deep blood red

In my mind it read 

All the things I should have said

Questions still remain 

And deep in my mind

I still see you

Swimming in seas in my mind and heart 

There it lie in great art

All in great calamity 

Disasters and disappointments ahead 

On this great and rough sea, I steer 

Chartered in my perilous boat

Even if it sank, I would still float 

All the great and beauty below

I took a gasp and I sank

And lived with it below

Places I didn’t even know, existed in my mind as I climbed back at the top

I brought up what I saw below

And put it out to show

Hesitant steps to know what’s next 

Get it all off my chest

Free me 

As I chose 

To float high above those things that restrained me 

Float it all at the top

So all could see,

the truth in me and how it set me free…


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