Work of art 

Listen to me tell my story

Of sorrow and glory

Possessive well protected existence 

Dwelling sometimes not

A summer melting pot 

Careful study of another’s interest 
Caught in a war with my heart

Spill the details on a page 

Hopefully gives you a visual aid 

Picture my words in action

Misguided attraction 

High tension aggressively beats well and clear 

Feel it down to your soul 

Shaken the emotions inside you 

Shine the light in my hell

Ring up the bell

Call me up 

Before I run out of “luck”

Shaking my head down low

Lifting it high up

Let me now sip out of a golden cup

Queen of dominion 

Thus now given 

Lift it up and take sip

It’s yours now

Immerse yourself head first in

Transcend from your sin

It’s yours for the win…


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