The 13 year old plague

My soul tossed and turned 

My mind churned 

A heavy baggage my soul kept 

So many nights it made me weep 

So many nights I couldn’t sleep

Lightning flashes across my face

I lift my head to pray

For this cost I felt I had to pay

A deep deep hurt finally caught up with me and you

And I hated you for a bit

I thought about you then me and it was me hurting 

A selfish non-love

And what did it look like?

What did it sound like?

The sound of your voice played in my mind

The scenes of your demons that continued to fight me

You were the plague that follow me

I thought I would have never seen the end 
Years and years 

Depression kept me locked and insane 

A huge swelling in my brain

Felt it down to my soul and I couldn’t grow too old without this story being told

My heart began to swell as I knew the time was drawing near 

I had to tell

I had to kill the demon

The darkness followed me

I felt like I was slipping again

Back into my dread 

I confessed to myself and it left me weak 

Months of debates with myself 

Back and forth guessing 

Back and forth tears 

The seam tore 

The yoke broken and it’s shape seeped into the dwellings of pure white 

Uncover the scales from my eyes

Unveil this beautiful bride into the promise of her future

Take away my pain, this powerful strain

Tired of being taken advantage of

I bet my all 

Taken this fall 

I have not failed 

A slave of one not two 

2016 I was made anew…


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