Rip Tides 

Does the forecast show if it will snow?

Or if the summer’s will glow will mesh into the blue skies and creates a hue so beautiful to the eyes

While the spring showers washes away the tears from your face

And the autumn’s moon fill the shadows with a glow in your space

When all the collaborated madness reaches it’s peak and it no longer has the desire to reach into something so far beyond what we seek 

Rip tides caught up in the seas below and and we find ourselves in it’s current of false delusions 

Warring hearts and minds spirals into an inward triplicity manifesting in hidden truths

Set forth a glow that continues to grow in me and you 

Speak a calm over my soul and calm the waters within 

An ethereal purity from the baptism of rip tides in a world a sin…


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