Second guessing in guessing 
Line up my blessings 

Make a move

But not too soon

Wait for time… 

…and when it’s time, it will be your’s

No more of life being a chore

Feel the rhythm in the rhythmic beat of your heart 

You’re a walking piece of art

Hold your head up high and take note of the beauty in the sky

Send out a cloud over you, just to protect you 

And never let it rain on your sunshine 

Know that you’re Mine and not yours 

Take a ride on My tour 

Take note of the sights you see while never losing sight Me

Take a ride on My train and never derail

Destination into your destiny is right where you ought to be 

Put aside anything that is not of Me 

Pick up your cross and follow Me 

Bless this cursed life and lead it into freedom 

Dipped and dripped in My baptism 

Take a gasp of fresh air 

Breathe in new life minus the strife 

Pledge to you and Me 

And bury that old memory…


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