Sky grey eating away at my feelings 

So hard to shake them lose 

Especially when you’re the one who always remain true to you

Emotional tragedy 

They all stare in wonderment as to why and when

Was it me? 

No it’s not you 

It’s me being all too true…


After a long time.

Summon great fantasy and play it in my mind 

Before, it’s only a matter of time

Red and blue cross center in blasting sirens 

That means it’s time

Wind the clock down zero

No more hero

0’s down filed away 

Time for me to go and play

Been through it now I’m done with it 

Send down the holy water and wash my hands clean 

Scarlet red wrapped around my head 

Lay it down low 

And bring me up high,

Farther than the sky 

Lift the curtains and close them down 

Take your final bow…