Shared interests

Lock me in your heart with one seductive stare

We all know it’s there even when lips don’t tell

Tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine

Only when it’s time when your all mine 

An eye a little too below and then it all starts to show 

The electric, magnetically insane attraction 

Flow in the undercurrents of silence only we know

We go only where we know 

And let it all spill out to each other 

Bottled up fantasy trapped between us that glows 



Quiet animosity of a helpless soul

Tender tears of quiet grace stroll down upon your face

A sunken ship in the blackened rough seas of heart 

The piercing blade of truth spewing forth all your vain 

Such a shame the way it came and how fast things changed

When it’s beat finally stop and air no longer reaches to the top 

And a permanent darkness overcome your eyes

And every tear is a drop of blood from the soul it had sold 

Immeasurable Passion

A passion that rumbles underneath

A whisper for a scream inside

A light footedness for the haste that awaits 

All welding deep inside a smoldering pot of intensity 

It’s lid barely contains it all as passions bubbles over with the increasing frequency of a magnitude of emotions not felt any where else before

In silence, speaking up on the inside

On the outside, vagueness of expression 

Waiting to erupt from deep within 

Prayer of wisdom

Yes Father, continue to bestow wisdom upon me
Let it rest on my shoulders 

Let the sweet perfume of it’s perfection cast all my anxieties away 

Let it’s promise be shown as a beacon of light that shines out of me

Let darkness have no room

Let strength and vitality be ever present 

Let power be felt from You through me out of this human body

Guard my mind and keep it sharp as a sword

Fill my cup and let it run over with an abundance of Your love

Let passionate flames of excitement spark in my eyes

Let my tongue speak only those words that are true and pure

Test my heart for integrity 

And correct my failures 

You alone be my judge and wisdom, my teacher

And the beat goes on…

The hollow sound of strummed silence plays on and on in my heart;Still trying to find a voice

A place to thrive and somehow survive

With a mind full of talent

Still ever so silent 

Suppressed and depressed 

I continue to press forward for it is best 

For now is the real test to be better than my best 

A round of applause but still I pause waiting in vain and still feeling the pain of all that I’ve done 

But have I really won? 

The test of my time, 

Is the reward finally mine? 

A peace of mind to attain even though there is still a stain, 

Is my mind somehow still chained? 

Searching for a place to belong is still my song…

Soulful joy

I scream so loud in my head Yet nobody can hear

I’m alive in my dreams 

Yet not dead in my nightmares 

I watch and learn

Live and grow

I know what it’s like to feel the summer’s kiss and the winter’s cold

A smile of grace and a gesture of kindness 

A smile and wink all with laughter 

Drowning in glory 

I feel it all around me 

Must not rush or worry

Take time and not to hurry

Live to serve and serve to live

Flip the coin over twice if it serves your will

Stargazer, dream chaser 

Rhythm maker 

Straight from my maker; the creator 

Poetry from the mind, body and soul