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Curtain call

Summon great fantasy and play it in my mind 

Before, it’s only a matter of time…

Red and blue cross center in blasting sirens 

That means it’s time

Wind the clock down zero

No more hero

0’s down filed away 

Time for me to go and play

Been through it, now I’m done with it 

Send down the holy water and wash my hands clean 

Scarlet red wrapped around my head 

Lay it down low 

And bring me up high,

Farther than the sky 

Lift the curtains and close them down 

Take your final bow…


Suit and tie

With names for strange things 

You and me are not the same 

The obvious we blame 

We stay playing the game 

Not knowing if anything will be the same 

Cars, bars and shooting stars 

Did you miss it or me 

Blinded your sights 

Seeing things that should not be shown 

And you should have known 

That your secret would soon be known that no one has known 

A badly plastered name 

Attached with a bad fame 

No dignity or divinity 

The divine said it was time 

Your rope ran out 

Caught in between your one and fours

I couldn’t take it anymore 

Jump to your freedom 

With your neck caught in your tie 

Wear your suit to your grave…


Charcoal grey skin with no life flowing within it

Flesh for food as it is now helpless 

No rhythm of the heart and the beat is lost 

No time or thoughts

Stiff limbs 

Rotten bones 

Cover in by this tombstone 

No warm breath 

Cold damp ground is where you can be found 

Deep, deep in this lonely ground

Not an inch to move and soon you will be all bones 

Powdered spectacle 

Turned charcoal dust…


Burn me to the ground and not a sound I shall speak 

For my soul is already too weak

Foreign entities in my body I cannot control

I guess it’s because I’ve grown so old

I will not shed a tear as I am burned to the ground 

Not even the tiniest of sounds

I’ve spent my life foolishly 

Drink, sex and drugs 

Now I’m so old and cannot hold my body up much longer 

Burn me to the ground and make not a sound 

Let the bones of my body warm your soul in this cold world

Watch me crackle and pop in silence 

Let my flames ignite your eyes 

And the nothingness of my existence fill your ear 

With nothing to hear

Remember me not

For I’m now as a melting pot

My blood bubble over the top of my skin 

This body that held a lifetime of sin

Make not a sound but just watch 

As I lay there in the ashes of my own self 

Acquitted lest none, not even by myself…


The presence of death is felt all through the air

It’s chilling breath of animosity lies in the density of ticking time

It does not miss it’s target 

A sharp shooter with the stained arrow of blood aiming for life

Skinning back the air in a hurry for time

Even if it’s not mine or yours or maybe I’m not even sure 

But I see it and I feel it 

Lurking in the shadow of that dark valley 

And even then I will fear no evil;

So this must be it…

I think I may have heard the hit

It’s target it didn’t miss 

A twisted beauty in fate

It was never too late

But right on time

I guess it was best that we kept our distance…


Quiet animosity of a helpless soul

Tender tears of quiet grace stroll down upon your face

A sunken ship in the blackened rough seas of heart 

The piercing blade of truth spewing forth all your vain 

Such a shame the way it came and how fast things changed

When it’s beat finally stop and air no longer reaches to the top 

And a permanent darkness overcome your eyes

And every tear is a drop of blood from the soul it had sold