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Father Time

Father ticking time

Spending dimes

When will it be all mines? 

How much longer can I wait?

My entire being waits in haste 

Calm me down and mellow me out 

Waiting for this drought to come to an end 

Cracked, dry ground I cannot no longer stand upon 

How much is time is not too long? 

Anxiety gets me 

Agony of jealousy 

Father please help me

See how far I’ve come?

Please sound the drum

Put me on a roll

Mount me high up and roll me down like a holy scroll

Unravel it all

Around of applause

As I erase any doubt that you would leave me thirsty in this drought

It is only a matter of time 

The creator of time

When it will all be mine…


A blank slate to which I cannot relate

Settle me down and take away my old crown

Crush it to dust and mound it anew

Even swap out my old shoes 

My crushing heart beats the dust on it’s surface 

My blood struggles to flow through it’s clogged veins 

My eyes are glossed over twice and cannot see past the clouds and the rain 
Make me anew and burn this body down 

Rise me up from the ashes and anoint me a new crown 

Adorn me a robe made of silver and gold 

Impeccable taste 

Adorn me with Your good grace 

Polish my mind and shine my heart 

Drop hot coals on my eyes and set them ablaze 

Let Your fire burn in them with intensity 

Put Your healing power in my palms and whisper Your wisdom in my ear

Touch my lips 

Nothing will be better than this…


Second guessing in guessing 
Line up my blessings 

Make a move

But not too soon

Wait for time… 

…and when it’s time, it will be your’s

No more of life being a chore

Feel the rhythm in the rhythmic beat of your heart 

You’re a walking piece of art

Hold your head up high and take note of the beauty in the sky

Send out a cloud over you, just to protect you 

And never let it rain on your sunshine 

Know that you’re Mine and not yours 

Take a ride on My tour 

Take note of the sights you see while never losing sight Me

Take a ride on My train and never derail

Destination into your destiny is right where you ought to be 

Put aside anything that is not of Me 

Pick up your cross and follow Me 

Bless this cursed life and lead it into freedom 

Dipped and dripped in My baptism 

Take a gasp of fresh air 

Breathe in new life minus the strife 

Pledge to you and Me 

And bury that old memory…


Life lessons that teachers don’t teach 

The things that we don’t speak 

Or what we cannot foresee 

Brings my fingers alive again

Make them put forth truth again

Make them write something brand new 

Words that are too deep to be shallow 

Put them on a paper written in sorrow with a pen spoken for tomorrow 

The words go unsaid 

Tremble within their own fear 

Left for dead but brought to light 

In the limelight but prefer to keep out of sight 

These words are my scriptures 

Testify in the testimonies of my testament

Heart pounding and thumping alone within the life line of it’s own beat in life 

Ripples in it’s walk

Lost in ones thoughts 

Thing don’t alway go steady 

And you don’t get to get when you’re not ready 

I’ll always be by your side 

And when you cry I cry

Life’s so not fair…

Prayerfully liberated 

Father forgive me and liberate my mind for it’s only a short amount of time when time is no longer mine

Show me my wrongdoings and guide me back on your scared path

Show me when the devil is trying to attack and how to counteract his demons

Teach me and train me as your faithful pupil 

Increase my knowledge and make my mind fruitful 

Bestow your presence amongst my peers, guide them and steer them clear 

From a hungry mouth growling for rich blood 

Keep me dipped and sheltered in the Savior’s love

May your continuous grace always show upon my face 

For you alone are my saving grace


Rip Tides 

Does the forecast show if it will snow?

Or if the summer’s will glow will mesh into the blue skies and creates a hue so beautiful to the eyes

While the spring showers washes away the tears from your face

And the autumn’s moon fill the shadows with a glow in your space

When all the collaborated madness reaches it’s peak and it no longer has the desire to reach into something so far beyond what we seek 

Rip tides caught up in the seas below and and we find ourselves in it’s current of false delusions 

Warring hearts and minds spirals into an inward triplicity manifesting in hidden truths

Set forth a glow that continues to grow in me and you 

Speak a calm over my soul and calm the waters within 

An ethereal purity from the baptism of rip tides in a world a sin…

The 13 year old plague

My soul tossed and turned 

My mind churned 

A heavy baggage my soul kept 

So many nights it made me weep 

So many nights I couldn’t sleep

Lightning flashes across my face

I lift my head to pray

For this cost I felt I had to pay

A deep deep hurt finally caught up with me and you

And I hated you for a bit

I thought about you then me and it was me hurting 

A selfish non-love

And what did it look like?

What did it sound like?

The sound of your voice played in my mind

The scenes of your demons that continued to fight me

You were the plague that follow me

I thought I would have never seen the end 
Years and years 

Depression kept me locked and insane 

A huge swelling in my brain

Felt it down to my soul and I couldn’t grow too old without this story being told

My heart began to swell as I knew the time was drawing near 

I had to tell

I had to kill the demon

The darkness followed me

I felt like I was slipping again

Back into my dread 

I confessed to myself and it left me weak 

Months of debates with myself 

Back and forth guessing 

Back and forth tears 

The seam tore 

The yoke broken and it’s shape seeped into the dwellings of pure white 

Uncover the scales from my eyes

Unveil this beautiful bride into the promise of her future

Take away my pain, this powerful strain

Tired of being taken advantage of

I bet my all 

Taken this fall 

I have not failed 

A slave of one not two 

2016 I was made anew…