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Constant alliance 

Reduce the impact of defiance 
Colliding spectacles turned powdery dust

That represents the both of us 

In my lane, driving my own bus 

And you in yours

Hands and feet meet at the shores 

Just to reassure that it’s both of us caught in this web of madness 

Weaving our way both in and out of troubles…

To inspire and desire 

Lust and acquire 

In an utter and most demanding tone on your part

You and I are never will never be apart…


Life lessons that teachers don’t teach 

The things that we don’t speak 

Or what we cannot foresee 

Brings my fingers alive again

Make them put forth truth again

Make them write something brand new 

Words that are too deep to be shallow 

Put them on a paper written in sorrow with a pen spoken for tomorrow 

The words go unsaid 

Tremble within their own fear 

Left for dead but brought to light 

In the limelight but prefer to keep out of sight 

These words are my scriptures 

Testify in the testimonies of my testament

Heart pounding and thumping alone within the life line of it’s own beat in life 

Ripples in it’s walk

Lost in ones thoughts 

Thing don’t alway go steady 

And you don’t get to get when you’re not ready 

I’ll always be by your side 

And when you cry I cry

Life’s so not fair…

Prayerfully liberated 

Father forgive me and liberate my mind for it’s only a short amount of time when time is no longer mine

Show me my wrongdoings and guide me back on your scared path

Show me when the devil is trying to attack and how to counteract his demons

Teach me and train me as your faithful pupil 

Increase my knowledge and make my mind fruitful 

Bestow your presence amongst my peers, guide them and steer them clear 

From a hungry mouth growling for rich blood 

Keep me dipped and sheltered in the Savior’s love

May your continuous grace always show upon my face 

For you alone are my saving grace


Night flower

A shallow reflection of starburst colors arranged carefully in the prism of madness 

When our sun times perfectly with the moonlit sky

An equinox doubles itself in you and I 

And we lie in perfect time

Double up stares to the sky 

Then back to you and I

Black star prickled sky formed over us 

Bless this cursed night as I fight with my feelings to tell just how brightly you make me shine inside

Can’t you see the lights on in my eyes?

Wow, such a moment in time 

Spent not so selfishly tonight

As you watch this flower grow

Under the careful watch of the moon’s glow

A fertile mind in a field of continuous sprouting

Spring forth new dreams about you and I… 

A lover kept secret 

Longed this moment

Such a selfish moment

Kept between us

Drowning in too deep 

I’ve sunken far and withheld glory

Right before my own eyes 

Dark pools of sultry emotion

I think you got me 

I wish you were mine

Only stolen times

That shouldn’t be mine

Elsewhere but here

Taking me far in this ecstasy of love

Drenched in deep from above 

Like a song that was never sung

Taken at that peak of curiosity…

Promise 2017

Like a budding tree on a spring day, after the winter’s decay, new life hath began to grow

From the fall of autumn, now sprung forth new life and hope

Visions for the future

Hope for new trust 

Grow steady and not grow weary 

An important mission planted in you 

A mission for One but all 

Quench yourself in this downpour 

That will flood your heart with wonders of who I am

Then you will find yourself

Only through Me, you can see

Speech of new words 

Actions that are foreign but well

Adjust to a new wellbeing of life 

Planned just for you