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Constant alliance 

Reduce the impact of defiance 
Colliding spectacles turned powdery dust

That represents the both of us 

In my lane, driving my own bus 

And you in yours

Hands and feet meet at the shores 

Just to reassure that it’s both of us caught in this web of madness 

Weaving our way both in and out of troubles…

To inspire and desire 

Lust and acquire 

In an utter and most demanding tone on your part

You and I are never will never be apart…

After a long time.

Summon great fantasy and play it in my mind 

Before, it’s only a matter of time

Red and blue cross center in blasting sirens 

That means it’s time

Wind the clock down zero

No more hero

0’s down filed away 

Time for me to go and play

Been through it now I’m done with it 

Send down the holy water and wash my hands clean 

Scarlet red wrapped around my head 

Lay it down low 

And bring me up high,

Farther than the sky 

Lift the curtains and close them down 

Take your final bow…

Captured silence 

Hands held in silence, bound me up well

Encapsulated in this binding spell

The sound bells ring, then I sing in the silence kept up in my own depths 

Mazed and dazed in my eyes 

Mystified by the tears that I cry 

Of suffocating silence 

Binded by a poisonous spell 

Yet only I can tell 

Double cast 

Two blasts from the past 

Wound up in your case of pure malice, no faith

A loving hate 

Selfish grace 

Greed of wolves in your haste…

Blue skies, Red eyes

Stopped searching for you

Now I’m trying to find me

Charted my life in this jungle of a journey 

Jet blue take off into the blue skies 

Lift off into the sun

Oh so young 

Debating and betting against myself 

With scars and tears 

Claps and cheers 

Broken hearts lie in my own resurrection 

Lifted back into this life still under the sun 

Have I won? 

My eyes are dipped low

Not even my pupils show

Stained red

I’ve said all I can say 

Now I must go my separate way…

Locked away

A closed off fortress of divine beauty and allure

Surrounded by the guards of suspicion and unease 

It lies within the realms of a deeply muddled world and a shrewd reality 

Lest little come close and leave the same

Of questioning mystery they all complain 

In complex perplexity 

It finds comfort 

In solitude, it finds peace 

A quiet honor it upholds 

But a deep trouble was what it was exposed 

Perfection, it was scarred and it’s wounds sheltered deep inside 

To take a peek would leave anyone surprise 

It’s weakness lies within it’s own scorned agony and it battles within itself 

A prisoner of it’s own chains 

Unleashed at the command of it’s own sounding…