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Father Time

Father ticking time

Spending dimes

When will it be all mines? 

How much longer can I wait?

My entire being waits in haste 

Calm me down and mellow me out 

Waiting for this drought to come to an end 

Cracked, dry ground I cannot no longer stand upon 

How much is time is not too long? 

Anxiety gets me 

Agony of jealousy 

Father please help me

See how far I’ve come?

Please sound the drum

Put me on a roll

Mount me high up and roll me down like a holy scroll

Unravel it all

Around of applause

As I erase any doubt that you would leave me thirsty in this drought

It is only a matter of time 

The creator of time

When it will all be mine…

Two worlds

White wash blows into the wind of the peak of a roaring surf 

Bellows down below in breathtaking glory

Meet the wind at the ocean top and crashes at the surface of the ocean low

Quiet ambience meets a busy flux in the parallels of two worlds 

Inhabitance of what’s under the surface and what’s among the light of the shore creates a distance of mystery and allure 

Undisturbed reins that you cannot grasp onto 

Floats into the vast emptiness of a unrestrained world…

Cloudy skies 

Pink clouds above etches the sky Such beauty to the eye

Parallel the dark clouds that float above in my mind 

That brings tears to my eyes 

How to soak it in externally and mesh it internally? 

Please don’t let it rain on this sunshine 

Cast the demons from my mind 

Make them disappear from my presence 

Adorn me a present with a bow in the sky

Milky Way on high as I light it up to float in the skies 

Can I touch what I can’t reach and bring it back down with me?

Soak in the disappearing sun 

Gather it all in fun

Take a bite sized peak and swallow it in me 

Defrost the windows of my eyes and dry them in the heat 

What a rough week and truly it all has left me weak

Tragic songs from my heart 

How can I turn it into a piece of art? 

Where do I need to start? 

How can I sleep so silently in peace? 

I’m tired of getting up at night because I cannot sleep

I cannot count sheep if I cannot see past these dark clouds that engulf me

Is it a ray I see? 

Breaking past the clouds in my boundaries? 

A beacon of light and hope 

Can I now see the city past the smoke? 

Have the clouds run away from this bright ray? 

Have my prayers been answered? 

I dance to a new norm

I think I’ve cleared the storm

I have to have it all or none at all

What’s left to lose?

Nothing but a solo traveler on the move… 


Offset the balance in me and create a calamity 

Drop my defenses down

Anoint me with a poisonous crown 

Drive me by the sea with the windows down so I can see

With my hands in the flow 

Take in all I could know 

Feel the breeze 

Calm and ease 

Activate my anguish with one mis-thought 

Deliver me to turmoil 

I’ve lost it all 

Clouds funnel up ahead 

Grabbing on to reality as I steer 

Sink in deeply in my world 

Muddled in the deep

Sulking in my reality…

Deep dwellings of truth

Staring at the sea

With eyes deep blood red

In my mind it read 

All the things I should have said

Questions still remain 

And deep in my mind

I still see you

Swimming in seas in my mind and heart 

There it lie in great art

All in great calamity 

Disasters and disappointments ahead 

On this great and rough sea, I steer 

Chartered in my perilous boat

Even if it sank, I would still float 

All the great and beauty below

I took a gasp and I sank

And lived with it below

Places I didn’t even know, existed in my mind as I climbed back at the top

I brought up what I saw below

And put it out to show

Hesitant steps to know what’s next 

Get it all off my chest

Free me 

As I chose 

To float high above those things that restrained me 

Float it all at the top

So all could see,

the truth in me and how it set me free…


Burn me to the ground and not a sound I shall speak 

For my soul is already too weak

Foreign entities in my body I cannot control

I guess it’s because I’ve grown so old

I will not shed a tear as I am burned to the ground 

Not even the tiniest of sounds

I’ve spent my life foolishly 

Drink, sex and drugs 

Now I’m so old and cannot hold my body up much longer 

Burn me to the ground and make not a sound 

Let the bones of my body warm your soul in this cold world

Watch me crackle and pop in silence 

Let my flames ignite your eyes 

And the nothingness of my existence fill your ear 

With nothing to hear

Remember me not

For I’m now as a melting pot

My blood bubble over the top of my skin 

This body that held a lifetime of sin

Make not a sound but just watch 

As I lay there in the ashes of my own self 

Acquitted lest none, not even by myself…