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They implode from the inside as you quietly watch from out

Their silent tears of seemingly abandonment seep into the veins of their being

The erratic behavior is self induced and misery becomes their self indulgent behavior

Attached at the heart is the theme of “failure” and it becomes cursed at the beat

Self pity becomes self loathing and nothingness becomes of thee…


Search for self

I found myself in my weakness

Abound with the misfortunes of my tragedy 

I used it to step upwards and beyond 

In my suffocating silence I found my voice 

Released from the void it was trapped 

I found peace within my cluttered thoughts and I found the words I needed to say in my humbled disarray 

I learned the lyrics to my soul and the melody of my heart 

To impart and improve on myself; self help 

I’m ascending upwards whilst going deeper into something else 

Now only time to tell… 

I’m finally doing me right…


A complete experience 


Submerged in this body

Covered in truth 

Stained by darkness 

A hollow glow in her eyes 




By the river of tears she cries 

Splashed to uncover her veil of myth 

Let her sing out 

Bird in her flutter inside 

Bound inside the metal cage they cry

Kept deep down inside 

The oceans and the tide abide 

In the unsubtle flux captured in the mask outside 

Hidden down below

No one certainly knows…

Captured silence 

Hands held in silence, bound me up well

Encapsulated in this binding spell

The sound bells ring, then I sing in the silence kept up in my own depths 

Mazed and dazed in my eyes 

Mystified by the tears that I cry 

Of suffocating silence 

Binded by a poisonous spell 

Yet only I can tell 

Double cast 

Two blasts from the past 

Wound up in your case of pure malice, no faith

A loving hate 

Selfish grace 

Greed of wolves in your haste…

Suit and tie

With names for strange things 

You and me are not the same 

The obvious we blame 

We stay playing the game 

Not knowing if anything will be the same 

Cars, bars and shooting stars 

Did you miss it or me 

Blinded your sights 

Seeing things that should not be shown 

And you should have known 

That your secret would soon be known that no one has known 

A badly plastered name 

Attached with a bad fame 

No dignity or divinity 

The divine said it was time 

Your rope ran out 

Caught in between your one and fours

I couldn’t take it anymore 

Jump to your freedom 

With your neck caught in your tie 

Wear your suit to your grave…


Work of art 

Listen to me tell my story

Of sorrow and glory

Possessive well protected existence 

Dwelling sometimes not

A summer melting pot 

Careful study of another’s interest 
Caught in a war with my heart

Spill the details on a page 

Hopefully gives you a visual aid 

Picture my words in action

Misguided attraction 

High tension aggressively beats well and clear 

Feel it down to your soul 

Shaken the emotions inside you 

Shine the light in my hell

Ring up the bell

Call me up 

Before I run out of “luck”

Shaking my head down low

Lifting it high up

Let me now sip out of a golden cup

Queen of dominion 

Thus now given 

Lift it up and take sip

It’s yours now

Immerse yourself head first in

Transcend from your sin

It’s yours for the win…

Night flower

A shallow reflection of starburst colors arranged carefully in the prism of madness 

When our sun times perfectly with the moonlit sky

An equinox doubles itself in you and I 

And we lie in perfect time

Double up stares to the sky 

Then back to you and I

Black star prickled sky formed over us 

Bless this cursed night as I fight with my feelings to tell just how brightly you make me shine inside

Can’t you see the lights on in my eyes?

Wow, such a moment in time 

Spent not so selfishly tonight

As you watch this flower grow

Under the careful watch of the moon’s glow

A fertile mind in a field of continuous sprouting

Spring forth new dreams about you and I…